Neon Components
SS10 Silicon Sleeves 10mm (clear, black & white)
SS12 Silicon sleeves 12/13mm (clear, black & white)
SS15 Silicon sleeves 15/16mm (clear, black & white)
10DBS Double back sleeves 10mm (clear, black & white)
12DBS Double back sleeves 12/13mm (clear, black & white)
15DBS Double back sleeves 15/16mm (clear, black & white)
DC/BLK Duo Caps BLACK 12,15 & 16mm
DC/GR Duo Caps GREY 12,15 & 16mm
DC/BLU Duo Caps BLUE 12,15 & 16mm
DC/RD Duo Caps RED 12,15 & 16mm
DC/WH Duo Caps WHITE 12,15 & 16mm
PVC PVC Electrode Sleeves
THERMOS Thermo sleeves (black or white)
GLASS/S Glass sleeves (straight)
GLASS/U Glass U sleeves
#100, #200, #300 Pyrex electrode housings #100,200 & 300
PORCEH Porcelain electrode housings
PORC1 Porcelain bushes No.1(29mm)
PORC2 Porcelain bushes No.2 (35mm)
PORC3 Porcelain bushes No.3
SPRING Springs to suit the above
PS Spring post assembly
PYREX BUSH Pyrex glass bushes No.1  25mm
GTS45 45mm Glass tube supports
GTS90 90mm Glass tube supports
SPIL10 NPA 10mm Clear Pillar Supports/100
SPIL20 NPA 20mm Clear Pillar Supports/100
SPIL30 NPA 30mm Clear Pillar Supports/100
SPIL40 NPA 40mm Clear Pillar Supports/100
SPIL50 NPA 50mm Clear Pillar Supports/100
SPIL60 NPA 60mm Clear pillar Supports/100
SPIL70 NPA 70mm Clear Pillar Supports/100
LP80 80mm  long poly tube supports (black or clear)
STS 50mm spring tube supports
GRAB8 8mm grabon tube support 45mm
GRAB9 9-10mm grabon tube support 45mm
GRAB10ADJ Dexi Clip 10mm Tube support  15-70mm adjustable
GRAB12 12-13mm grabon tube support 45mm
GRAB12-70 12-13mm grabon tube support 70 & 80mm
GRAB12ADJ Dexi Clip 12mm Tube support  15-70mm adjustable
GRAB15 15mm grabon tube support 45mm
GRAB15-70 15mm grabon tube support 70 & 80mm
GRAB15ADJ Dexi Clip 15mm Tube support  15-70mm adjustable
ACRAFIX Acrafix 100g.
WTW Tinned Copper Wire 500 grams
WSS Stainless wire 500grams
CARBONP Carbon paper 915mm  wide
PCLOTH Fibre glass patchcloth 1.2m coated rolls
DL Danger H.V. labels
MICA Mica sheet moulding .38 x 1050 x 780mm
MICA MINI Mica small bag 153 grams
BOB 1 litre Block Out paint black
BOG 1 litre Block Out paint grey